How an anorexic girl sees herself

If you want to get an idea of how a young girl with anorexia sees herself in the mirror, this video shows a perfect example. When trying to help someone with a severe case of anorexia or bulimia, you have to understand how they see themselves. It’s extremely distorted. The filter lens is not the same as those with healthier body image.

This is one reason healing from the eating disorder is tough for the person afflicted and those around them. Both see the same issue through very different perspectives.


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  1. Nie dane mi było poznać nikogo z anoreksję ani sam nie cierpię na tę chorobę, więc trudno powiedzieć czy tak się postrzegają naprawdę.

    Cieszy mnie w tym filmiku jedno – w tle leciał Sigur Ros 🙂

  2. Jaki dokladnie kawalek leci w tym filmiku?

  3. No właśnie: jaki to dokładnie kawałek leci w filmiku???

  4. […] How an anorexic girl sees herself [YouTube] If you want to get an idea of how a young girl with anorexia sees herself in the mirror, this video shows […] […]

  5. Ten utwór Sigur Rosa to: Sæglópur z płyty Takk… 😉

  6. nie tylko osoby z anoreksją tak się postrzegają. ale także cierpiące na bulimię czy ed (zaburzenia odżywiania)

  7. i truly like your perspective on how issues that affect other people can be sorted. I see this case beyond the anorexic; i see it in other terms like world peace; peace negotiations and treaties etc.

    Before so-called peace crusaders dabble into affairs they think they know best and convince themselves that truly know best but, in truth, are grossly ignorant of it, they should see this video and analyse every part of it: putting the use of military force as an imaginary option, not even as a last resort.

  8. mocne…aż mnie dreszcz przeszedł.

  9. Sigur! 🙂


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